2018   Reunion ,    San Diego CA 
                        September 18-23,2018           
       2019   reunion will be in Louisville, KY
       2020    reunion will be in Grapevine, TX

Watch here and in the Newsletters for more information. 
    For more information: Eugene Hansen, (67-69) Secretary/Treasurer    gene@ha1040.com

 March 3, 2018    Because of a health problem, I have not kept this site up to the point it needs to be to help the Walke Association sailing. If any member would like to take it over, e-mail me at: rwilliamson@new.rr.com  Thank's to all who have used this site the last ten years.

If you servered on board the USS Walke DD 723 and  
not a member of the Walke Association,    

Join now.   Contact: Gene Hansen :ebhansen1040@gmail.com   
Membership over 400 but we need to keep growing.  
    Many shipmates are listed on Hull.com, Tin Can Sailors and Destroyer on Line crew locator.  








The first Walke(DD-34) was launched on 3 November 1910; sponsored by Miss Mildred Walke Walter, granddaughter of Rear Admiral Walke; and commissioned on 22 July 1911 at the Boston Navy Yard, Lieutenant Charles R. Train in command.  It was laid down on 5 March 1910 at Quincy, Massachusetts, by the Fore River Shipbuilding Company.
The second Walke(DD-416) was laid down on 31 May 1938 at the Boston Navy Yard; launched on 20 October 1939, sponsored by Mrs. Clarence Dillon, grandniece of the late Rear Admiral Walke; and commissioned on 27 April 1940, Lt. Comdr. Carl H. Sanders in command.

The third Walke(DD-723) was laid down on 7 June 1943 at Bath, Maine, by the Bath Iron Works; launched on 27 October 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Douglas Dillon; and commissioned at the Boston Navy Yard on 21 January 1944, Comdr. John C. Zahm in command. 



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