Dec. 12,2017..Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: Because of a health problem, I have not kept this site up to the point it needs to be to help the Walke Association sailing. If any member would like to take it over, e-mail me at:  Thank's to all who have used this site the last ten years.

If you servered on board the USS Walke DD 723 and  
not a member of the Walke Association,     Join now.   Contact: Gene Hansen   
Membership over 400 but we need to keep growing.  
    Many shipmates are listed on, Tin Can Sailors and Destroyer on Line crew locator.  

Looking for shipmate  to take over website.

2017 Reunion will be in Nashville TN.
September  20-23 (check out on 24th)  Watch here and the Newsletters for more information. 
    For more information: Eugene Hansen, (67-69) Secretary/Treasurer








The first Walke(DD-34) was launched on 3 November 1910; sponsored by Miss Mildred Walke Walter, granddaughter of Rear Admiral Walke; and commissioned on 22 July 1911 at the Boston Navy Yard, Lieutenant Charles R. Train in command.  It was laid down on 5 March 1910 at Quincy, Massachusetts, by the Fore River Shipbuilding Company.
The second Walke(DD-416) was laid down on 31 May 1938 at the Boston Navy Yard; launched on 20 October 1939, sponsored by Mrs. Clarence Dillon, grandniece of the late Rear Admiral Walke; and commissioned on 27 April 1940, Lt. Comdr. Carl H. Sanders in command.

The third Walke(DD-723) was laid down on 7 June 1943 at Bath, Maine, by the Bath Iron Works; launched on 27 October 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Douglas Dillon; and commissioned at the Boston Navy Yard on 21 January 1944, Comdr. John C. Zahm in command. 



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