1. These By-Laws constitute the Code of Rules adopted by USS WALKE (DD-723) 
      Association (here in the (Association) for regulation and management of its 

   2. The objectives of the Association are:
      a. To locate and unite all living former members of crews that served aboard 
         USS Walke (DD-723).
      b. To preserve and strengthen comradeship among members and the esprit 
         de corps of the group and to encourage them to participate in Association 
      c. To honor the deceased at each of our reunion with an appropriate ceremony.
      d. To solicit voluntary dues and donations for the administration of the 
         Association and the publication of the Association's newsletter.
      e. To assist worthy and needy members of the Association and other former 
         shipmates of the USS Walke.
   3. Membership: 
      a. Members must have served on USS Walke (DD-723), be a 
         surviving immediate family member (child, parent, spouse, or sibling).
         Other persons having an extraordinary relationship may be voted as 
         members upon their application and approval by the President and 
         First Vice President.

   4. Dues and donations:
      a. Voluntary dues and donations shall be solicited annually for the fiscal 
         year being January 1- December 31.
      b. The Executive Board will establish the annual dues amount ( $15.00 at 
         this time) and adjust as necessary at the business meeting held in 
         conjunction with the reunion.
      c. All members contributing (even if only a portion of the current year's 
         dues) will be considered  members in good standing and have full voting 
      d. All dues/donations will be sent to USS Walke Association, in care of 
         the Secretary/Treasurer, who will be the receiver of all funds sent 
         to the Association for any purpose. Dues will not be accepted for more 
         than two years in advance.
      e. Extraordinary members are eligible to pay dues and make donations as 
         they wish, but, are not required to be dues paying  members.
      f. Spouses of deceased members are considered full members for life and 
         are exempt from dues/ donations unless they so desire to contribute.

   5. Rights and Privileges:
      a. All former crew  members and their spouses of USS Walke (DD-723) may 
         attend all reunions and business  meetings, voting on issues of import 
         to the Association.(see 4.c above)
      b. Members may make motions from the floor at business  meetings in 
         accordance with parliamentary rules.
      c. Members in good standing are entitled to all published  material 
         produced by the Association, including the financial report.  Quarterly 
         newsletters will be mailed routinely to all former crew members 
         identified, regardless whether dues have been paid. If dues ( full or 
         partial payment) have not been paid for two quarters, a request will be 
         mailed to the recipient to ascertain if continued mailing are desired. 
         Recipients not wishing to receive the newsletter should notify the 
         Secretary/Treasurer or Editor of their desire to be dropped from the 
         mailing list.
      d. Members are entitled to take grievances before the Executive Board 
         either in person or in writing.

   6. Meeting:
      a. The annual business meeting shall be held in conjunction with the 
         annual reunion and in such time and place as the President announces.
      b. Special business meetings may be called by any of the following: the 
         Executive Board, the President, or by at least 10% of the membership of 
         the Association.
      c. Members may only vote in person.
      d. The Chief Master-at-arms will count the votes at the annual business  

   7. Termination of Membership:  Membership will terminate in the Association 
      in the following events:
      a. Receipt by the Executive Board for written resignation and the accepted
         the Board.
      b. Death of the member.
      c. For cause, action contrary to that deemed acceptable to the Association, 
         and after due process and hearing by the Board.

   8. Obligations of Members:
      a. Members must maintain true allegiance to the United States.
      b. Keep the Secretary informed of current address and telephone number.
      c. Conduct himself befitting a member of the U.S. Navy and the honorable 

   9. Management:
      a. All Association action shall be authorized by the Executive Board and 
         approved by the membership. All business and the affairs of this 
         Associations shall be exercised by and under the authority of, and 
         controlled by the Executive Board consisting of at least three members.
      b. Members of the Executive Board shall be the President, First Vice 
         President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the immediate 
         Past President.
      c. The Executive Board shall fill any vacancy by majority vote until a 
         successor is elected at the next annual meeting.
      d. The Executive Board shall meet annually at the designated time and 
         place established by the Board.
      e. The Executive Board shall review and act on all grievances from members. 
         Revoking of membership will be accomplished by submitting the 
         recommendation to the membership at the next annual meeting for vote.

   10. Election of Officers:
       a. The Officer of the Association shall include: 
         1) President
         2) First Vice President
         3) Second Vice President
         4) Secretary
         5) Treasurer ( may be combined with that of Secretary
         6) Reunion Chairman
         7) Such other Assistant Officers as the voting members may deem from 
            time to time to select	
       b. All nominations for offices shall be may in open convention, and 
          election to office shall be by majority vote of members present.
       c. While the goal of the Association will be to have a rotation of members 
          serve as officers of the Association, there shall no limitation placed 
          on the term of service consistent with the desires of the voting 
          members, except that the President shall be limited to two terms.
       d. Duties of Officers:
          1) President: The Present will preside at all business meeting, 
             supervise and control the affairs of the Association. He will 
             appoint the following Assistants:
             a) Chaplain
             b) Chief Master-at -Arms
             c) Newsletter Editor
             d) Historian
             e) Audit Committee
             f) Ad Hoc Committee
           2) 1st Vice President: The First President will perform all duties and 
              exercise all powers of the President when the President is absent 
              or is otherwise unable to act. The First Vice President will
              perform those other duties directed by the Executive Board.
           3) Second Vice President; The Second Vice President will perform the 
              duties of the First Vice President in the absence. The Second Vive 
              President will perform those other duties as directed by the 
              Executive Board.
           4) Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a book of minutes of all annual 
              Business  meeting; maintain an up-to-date master membership list 
              with names, addresses, phone numbers and pertinent 
              service information; issue members; maintain a record of 
              correspondence and advertise the date and location of annual 
              reunions; send inputs to the Newsletter Editor of correspondence 
              for distribution to the membership as a propriate; perform such 
              other duties as assigned by the President or the Executive Board. 
              In addition the Secretary shall be the custodian of all material 
              donated to the Association or purchased by it with Association 
              funds. The Secretary will provide a current listing of dues received 
              at each reunion to enable the membership to accurately determine 
              their up-to-date status.
           5) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the fiscal officer of the Association: 
              he shall keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the 
              properties and business transactions of the Association, including 
              assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements and  membership.	
              He shall collect all dues, donations and all reunion fees for the 
              meeting and  reunion activities sent to the Association. He shall be 
              custodian and recipient of all liquid fund and assets of the 
              Association. He shall make disbursements as authorized by the Executive 
              Board and administer the cash funds as may be established. He shall 
              open saving, checking and/or money market/CD accounts in the name of 
              the Association and deposit funds as received into those accounts. He 
              shall sign all checks of disbursement and establish policy of refunds. 
              The President may sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. He shall 
              submit an annual financial statement to the Executive Board and the 
              membership at the annual business meeting and cause it to be published 
              in the newsletter. He should be prepared to have the accounts audited 
              annually at each reunion by an audit committee appointed by the 
              President. He shall perform such other duties as directed by the 
              Executive Board.
           6) Reunion Committee Chairman; The reunion Committee Chairman shall be 
              elected at the annual meeting by virtue of the selection of his proposed 
              site as the location for the next annual reunion and business meeting and 
              will assume office at the completion of the current reunion, holding 
              office until the completion of the annual reunion at his site. The 
              Chairman and committee of his selection shall have authority to spend 
              Association  money for Association purposes of the reunion. The Chairman 
              and his committee shall be in charge of all arrangements, including 
              contracts with hotels, transportation, entertainment, tours, and caterers. 
              A fund will be established and provided for the Chairman to enable him and 
              his committee to get the reunion planning underway expeditiously.
           7) Nominating Committee; This committee shall report the President and to 
              membership at the annual business meeting. The nominating committee 
              shall be appointed by the President with advice of the Executive Board 
              and shall consist of the Chairman and at least two other  members. The 
              committee shall present the recommended slate at the business meeting; 
              however, this dose not preclude nominations from the floor.

  11. Inspection of the Books and the Financial Records; All books and financial 
      records of the Association may be inspected by any member for any proper 
      purpose at any reasonable time on written demand, stating the purpose of 
      the inspection.

  12. Amendments; The power to alter, amend or repeal these By-Laws or adopt 
      new By-Laws is vested in the voting membership requiring an  approval of 
      2/3 of the voting  members in person, at the annual  business  meeting of 
      the membership.

  13. In the event of termination of this Association, any funds remaining in 
      the accounts shall be donated to the Welfare Fund of any Walke in 
      commission at that time. If no such ship exists, the fund will be donated 
      to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. The Historian will forward his 
      records to the Nation Archives and Records Service. Washington D.C.20408

  14. Cash Funds Administration; The Executive Board of the USS Walke 
      Association establishes the following funds for the purpose of providing 
      the necessary money to effectively and efficiently carry out the duties of 
      various offices in the Association.

		Newsletter Editor........$1000.00
		Reunion Chairman.........$800.00

      The Treasurer will advance the sums indicted for each fund to each officer 
      indicated. He will replenish funds upon receipt to ensure expenditures are 
      necessary items to carry out the functions of the respective office of 
      committee. Unresolved items will be referred to the Executive Board for 
      action. Fund custodians will acknowledge receipt of the funds and keep the 
      own cash  records. To replenish the funds, custodians will submit receipts 
      and dated invoices to the Treasurer, who will send a check by return mail 
      to fund back to maximum amount.

  15. Reunions. The reunion site shall be determined at the annual business  
      meeting, held in conjunction with the reunion and be voted upon by the 
      majority of members present. Unless other wise voted, the reunion site 
      will be on a rotating basis; i.e. West Coast, mid-America, East Coast. 
      The time between reunions will be determined by the location and will be 
      such that the best price can be obtained for the particular season.   
      The time should not exceed 18 months unless members vote otherwise. 
      Guidelines to be followed if possible, include:
	    a.  Room rates to remain below $100.00
	    b.  Central location to local transportation
	    c.  Availability of local tours and transportation
	    d.  Hospitality Rooms should be complimentary
	    e.  Banquet Room should be complimentary.
	    f.  Association should be allowed to provide own refreshments (Liquor)
	    e.  Liability insurance be available at reasonable rates for locality of 
                reunion.  In the event that an insurance carrier can not be 
                located in the vicinity of the reunion, the insurance carrier will 
                be located by the Secretary/Treasurer.

These By-Laws have been voted and accepted  by two thirds members present and 
are the official  documents describing the operation of the USS Walke DD-723 
Association, this day October 27, 1998 at Las Vegas N.V. 
Attested to be true copy of USS Walke By-Laws on this date the 8th of March 2000 
and these by-laws are complete and current and are the only instrument of 
operation of the USS Walke DD-723 Association.		

Allen S. Jefferies Cdr. USN Ret. 
Secretary/Treasurer USS Walke Association   (Term ended October 2004)

Retyped by Richard D. Williamson 12/27/04
Secretary/Treasurer USS Walke Association
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