The first Walke(DD-34) was launched on 3 November 1910; sponsored by Miss Mildred Walke Walter, granddaughter of Rear Admiral Walke; and commissioned on 22 July 1911 at the Boston Navy Yard, Lieutenant Charles R. Train in command.  It was laid down on 5 March 1910 at Quincy, Massachusetts, by the Fore River Shipbuilding Company.

USS Walke (Destroyer # 34), 1911-1935 --
Crew and Activities, circa 1914

In 1981 the Naval Historical Center was loaned several dozen original nitrate-base negatives that had been taken by a crew member of USS Walke. Dates written on some of these negatives ranged from December 1913 into March 1914. Most of the others appear to have been made at about the same time, though a relatively small number obviously date from World War I and shortly afterwards. Prints were made from these negatives, which were then returned to their owner, Mr. Jim Kazalis, and the prints were added to the Center's collection of historical photography.

The great majority of the 1914 vintage images in this collection clearly involve the crew and activities of USS Walke, as well as operations of the Second Division of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet Torpedo Flotilla, to which she belonged at that time. The World War I and later images do not appear to have any linkage to Walke.

All the photographs from this collection that are directly related to Walke and her flotilla are presented on this page, and those linked from it. Taken as a group, they are by far the best representation we have of the personnel, shipboard activities and operations of pre-World War I destroyers.

This page features, and provides links to, a large number of photographs related to the crew and activities of USS Walke (Destroyer # 34) in about 1914.

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    For overall photographs of USS Walke, see:

  • USS Walke (Destroyer # 34, later DD-34), 1911-1935.


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